12.12. 2012

Méééééééry CHRISTMAS and a lot of KITTENS to a new year 2013! :o)))



2.12. 2012

Today we were with Jasminka on her second show, this time in Olomouc, where she was again liked very much! ;o)

From Mrs judge she got a very nice appraisal with an evaluation EX 1 and in the choice from total 4 cats she got NOM BIS too!

For make the show pleasant thanks parents of Griffisek, Christy and Francis, who also participated in judge and we are very proud of her!   


Jami1res          Jami5res


1.12. 2012

We are very pleased beautiful messages full of praise, which you write us, thank you ;o)


My name is Silvia Gregorčoková, I must praise yours magnificent cats and kittens, they are all sooo breathtaking,

 I can not stop looking..

A lot of times I watch your websites and really hats off to you, it is see that you have really quality and that is why your kittens are so charming too..
I wish you all the best in breeding, personal life, mainly the health..

Many greetings to all yours four-legged.




19.11. 2012

That´s how amaziiing has fine in the new family our sweet baby Christy ♥




20.10. 2012

Our laid-back guy GusGus ♥




13.10. 2012

Today we took photos... more in photogallery :o)



/♥ Julietta, Jessicamiles, Jimbell ♥/


29.9. 2012

Our actual available kittens ♥



/Christophe Blue Galaxy*CZ/



/Imprinetta Blue Galaxy*CZ/



/Ivens Blue Galaxy*CZ/



/Julietta Blue Galaxy*CZ/



/Jimbell Blue Galaxy*CZ/


8.9. 2012

Added photos CH, I and J kittens :o)




30.8. 2012

Today we were visiting our friend Eva, who looks after our baby from litter B amazingly ;o)



/Baldwin Blue Galaxy*CZ/


28.8. 2012

From Marlena we got wonderful photos of our blue girls, who went up to America ♥


Chantelle_upr                    Chloe2_upr


24.8. 2012

We added new photos of available kittens ;o)


news132                    news156

   /litter "J" Blue Galaxy*CZ/                                                                                 /Christophe Blue Galaxy*CZ/


12.8. 2012

This time we have a lot of beautiful "news" at one fling ;o)


Our new addition to the family took part in own first show. In Bratislava was Jasminka very appeal to them, she score EX 1, NOM BIS and in a competition another two cats in the same class, she won BIS in a special show for bicolor cats with white!




Next magnificent new is birth of 3 kittens, proud parents are our CH Mau + CH Valda ♥




Also we took photos of all our big kittens, who have already complemented names too :o)




23.7. 2012

I kittens have new profile photos :o)




20.7. 2012

We added new photos of CH kittens to the photogallery ;o)



/blue girl / 2 months/


19.7. 2012

Our new member of family ♥

Jasminka / 3,5 months




15.7. 2012




5.7. 2012

We added new photos of CH and I babies :o)




29.6. 2012

I babies have new photos and soon they will also wait to do new profile photos even ;o)




27.6. 2012

CH babies have new profile photos :o)




24.6. 2012

Our little princess :o)




16.6. 2012




4.6. 2012

We added new photos of Táňátka and Feeňátka! :o)




29.5. 2012




20.5. 2012

We have already one week and we grow very well ;o)


web1_5dn_oez_zmeneno                    web1_7dn_zmeneno_380

/5 days/                                                                            /7 days/


13.5. 2012

Today morning Taninka gave birth to amazing babies! ♥




9.5. 2012

On Saturday we were driving our girls Greta, Harriet and Harmony to fantastic families in England :o)


Anglie_upr_res                    tunel_1_res


2.5. 2012

Harriet is fishing :o)))




29.4. 2012

Our happy boys in new homes :o)


George_res          Griffis_res

/George Blue Galaxy*CZ/                                                                  /Griffis Blue Galaxy*CZ/


21.4. 2012

Taninka is expecting kittens! ;o)




15.4. 2012




1.4. 2012




25.3. 2012




22.3. 2012




15.3. 2012

Many thanks to our lovely Sam for amazing home full of love and beautiful photo of Franklin with her son Will! ♥




13.3. 2012

In the next few days we will run a new photogallery!


8.3. 2012

Hurray, we have new profile photos! :o)))




21.2. 2012

Today our bear girls are month old! They are charming ♥


1_1                    2_2


6.2. 2012

Day 21.1. Cynthinka gave birth to 2 magnificent girls!




4.2. 2012

Yesterday we came back home from a long trip from England, where we were taking our 3 children from litter F to new homes.

Franklin has pleasant parents quite in England and girls Florya and Fantasia left even for Scotland to kind people.

The way there took place absolutely amazingly. All the way children kept calm and they didn´t even cry single time. The way back was calm too, only we misses children so much. But we know they are love ♥


1_eurotunnel          2_petcontrol

/Before entry to the Great Britain we have to pass veterinary control. Our children are healthy and have comply all veterinary conditions. Lady at control only said: "They are excellent!"/



3_dum          4_more

/We like England so much and for sure we will be very happy come back here./



5_natrhouko          6_zapadslunce

/To our rented house came greet us black tomcat "Tearlittleear", who dry cat food from us tasted delicious.

For all the time we had beautiful weather./


30.1. 2012

G kittens have 2 weeks already, new photos you can see in photogallery




22.1. 2012

Per week we will drive our children from litter F to England.

Their actual photos you can see in photogallery!




13.1. 2012

The first Valďátka are in the world!!! :o)