17.12. 2011





6.12. 2011

St. Nicholas brought to us Advent calender :o)




14.11. 2011

To the photogallery we added new photos of F babies!




28.10. 2011

Franklin Blue Galaxy*CZ


256          296


7.10. 2011

We updated section about us, planned kittens and videogallery!


20.9. 2011

We have available kittens, if you are interested in, contact us please.





9.9. 2011

Yesterday Taninka celebrated 4 years and she got new photos her grew up children!



/Dony as a model :o)/




/Cayley in flowers ;o)/


30.8. 2011

Today we received pleasant letter from Emík, which made us delight! 



/here you can see the second Emík´s tooth/


Emík is versed in the kitchen from birth and you can see cooking is still his hobby :o)


94          103


18.8. 2011

Yesterday we visited Edík, from which grows constantly bigger and bigger handsome man!




17.8. 2011

Our first cat Mau and all our breeding station celebrate 5 years today!


13.8. 2011

Today we were on a show in Boskovice (CZ), where our Vali won his 3rd CAC and nomination to BIS!

He only meet the obligation for award title Champion, which mean perm breeding for him.

This way him career ends, because he dislikes travelling but better he whoop up peace of home and his bed ;)




1.8. 2011

We added new photos of F babies!




19.7. 2011

Mum with daughter ;o)







9.7. 2011

We added actual photos of Táňátka ;o)


Mkrm          Florya


4.7. 2011

(o: Happy Birthday! :o)


Yesterday celebrated Valentino!

At last his time came, because he has 1 year, so he can jump not only for joy, but already on cats too ;o)))  




Own birthday celebrated on Saturday 2.7. our Maxík :o)




1.7. 2011

We send many greetings to you from Martinsicuro in Italy!





Italie2011_Nikol_248_resize          Italie2011_Nikol_261_resize


19.6. 2011

Our princess Cynthi celebrated her second birthday yesterday ♥




Today was our Valda on the international cats show in Viničné (SK), where won his second CAC ;o)




Boys Edík and Emík already live in new homes!


11          22


18.6. 2011

F babies have already 26 days, we added new photos to the photogallery ;o)




9.6. 2011

Our "blackbird brothers" from litter E :o)




5.6. 2011

Táňátka have 13 days today!




26.5. 2011

♥ I love you! ♥




24.5. 2011

Yesterday our Tanisha gave birth to kittens!!!


22.5. 2011




20.5. 2011

Tanishka has 5 days to the term of childbirth and momentarily weigh over 5 kg! 




15.5. 2011

We have big help! Cooking, baking, ironing... they cope everything :o)







14.5. 2011

We added videos from boys to the videogallery, how they beautifully grow and how chew on beef!




8.5. 2011

Today we have a happy day!

Our Valentino participated open class for the first time and directly won ;)

And in addition our hockey team excelled and won on World Championship 3:2 opposite Russians ;)


vstava_zmeneno          diplom_zmeneno


24.4. 2011




14.4. 2011

Today we took photos of boys ;)




3.4. 2011

Our boys have 25 days ;)

We added new photos to the photogallery!




29.3. 2011




27.3. 2011

In photogallery are added new photos of boys :) 


24.3. 2011

On the day before yesterday we brang IC Tanisha from cat´s prince ♥

We are expected kittens in the second half of May!


20.3. 2011

Today boys have 11 days and they grow to the beauty ;)




17.3. 2011

We have a new card! ;)




16.3. 2011
Today boys have 7 days and they start open eyes!


13.3. 2011

So that we had always calm that kittens with mum are in good order also in case, when we go shopping, we trace them through webcam ;)


11.3. 2011

Today left us one of our kittens :´(

9.3. 2011

Today our Cynthia gave birth to 3 kittens!!!

siska_s_kot          3_kot

1.3. 2011

Today we took pictures of Cynthia, how she rest in a bed ;)

28.2. 2011

We added actual photos of Valentino and all cats to the photogallery!

22.2. 2011


15.2. 2011

Our IC Cynthia Blue Galaxy*CZ waits kittens! Supposed term of the delivery is the first half of March ;)
We receive the advance booking to our kittens.

90          117

14.2. 2011

Our favourite food ;)

121_upraveno                    144_upraveno


13.2. 2011

Our cream kitty Daphne of D litter has new home!  

7.2. 2011

Valentino after heavy work :)))


5.2. 2011

Vali_400          Daf_400

4.2. 2011

In videogallery is added video, where you can see how our darlings taste lamb and beef ;)
(done in the evening without flash)

30.1. 2011

DSC_0916_resize400          DSC_0923_resize400

24.1. 2011

We added new photos of Tanisha to the photogallery ;)

23.1. 2011

We have new photos males of D litter in new homes!

22.1. 2011

We added video for an amusement to the videogallery :D

12.1. 2011

Cream kitty Daphne is free yet, if you have interest contact us, please ;)

DSC_0894_resize400          DSC_0898_resize400

DSC_0863_resize400          DSC_0885_resize400

8.1. 2011
We added new photos of Valentino to the photogallery ;)

1.1. 2011
In videogallery is added today's video from Valentino ;)

31.12. 2010

Vali                    Vali_a_Cynthi

30.12. 2010

We added Christmas video to the videogallery from Valentino and Cynthia ;)

23.12. 2010



21.12. 2010 

We have new websites and we will continuously up to date them!